Kiev announced that a large number of Russian UAVs hit NATO territory

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko said on Monday that some which drones Russia Last night, the Izmail region on the border of Ukraine was attacked Romaniafell on Romanian territory and exploded and therefore lands NATO.

Romanian Ministry of Defense, Statement that the Russian attack had reached its territory was “categorically” denied. “The methods used by the Russian Federation have never posed a direct military threat to Romania’s national territory or territorial waters,” the Romanian note states.

Not long ago, Ukrainian Foreign Affairs spokesperson Oleg Nikolenko posted the following statement on Facebook. Referring to the kamikaze designed by Iran, Nikolenko said, “According to the information received from the Ukraine Border Service, Russian Shahids (drones) fell on Romanian territory tonight and were detonated during the massive attack by Russia on the Izmail port area.” said. Drones using Russia to attack Ukraine. Nikolenko claims that these facts are “Russian terrorism”. A serious threat not only to the security of Ukraine, but also to the security of neighboring countries.Including those of NATO”.

Romania and Poland, which are both Ukraine’s neighboring countries and NATO members, are currently In other cases, it was denied that Russian missiles fell on its territory. As Kiev condemned.

An attack by Russia on the territory of a NATO country may force the Alliance to consider activating Article 5, in which member countries agree to consider any action against another member country as an attack on their territory.

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