We could not find a common language. A teacher from Volgograd refused a class in which children did not speak Russian A teacher was found in Volgograd for a class where children did not speak Russian

In one of the Volgograd schools, class teacher Irina Plotnikova refused a class of children who did not speak Russian, the portal reported. “News from Volgograd” refers to one of the school staff.

According to him, only one person in the class spoke Russian; the teacher himself. He was supposed to help the children learn Russian. He was a computer science teacher before being commissioned to lead a “specialized” class and only managed to finish one elementary school class.

In 2022, he was appointed to lead the 1st “F” class, which recruited children from the CIS countries. The newspaper writes that some parents expressed their dissatisfaction with the “isolation” of their children from other students, but the school administration pointed to a special education program and an individual approach. A year later, the teacher left the classroom, but the mayor’s office initially refused to inform about it.

“The teaching staff of the school has been formed in sufficient numbers to provide the education-teaching process of all classes. Upon the discovery and dissemination of false information, an appeal is made to the prosecutor’s office, ”said the press service.

The prosecution has already conducted an investigation. “If there is a justification according to the results of the inspection, the prosecutor’s office will decide to take intervention measures.” reported inside the section.

The teacher found his place

Larisa Savina, head of the committee on education, science and youth policy of the Volgograd region, confirmed to TASS that the teacher had left the classroom and told the agency: DEA Newsthat schoolchildren have already been assigned a new classroom teacher.

“An experienced teacher from the first category came to this class. The learning process will not be interrupted. They go in order according to the program developed for them. We are in contact with the parents,” said Savina.

Also, Savina said that Plotnikova did not drop out of school, but wanted to reduce the load, since she simultaneously leads two classes. According to him, the information was presented in the media as “one-sided and inaccurate”. Now the teacher continues to work in another class.

Savina added that a separate school program has been prepared for the class this year. According to him, the parents of the children did not apply to the local authorities due to the departure of the former teacher.

How did parents react to children’s “isolation”?

At the beginning of last academic year “News from Volgograd” Parents of first-year students were asked what they thought about the creation of a special class. It was stated on the portal that the students were the children of immigrants from Azerbaijan and Tajikistan.

“Someone was already born in Volgograd, and someone recently moved here with his family. The level of the Russian language is different for everyone, but in general it is extremely low … so-called foreigners, ”said the school principal Elena Elizarova.

According to him, the “Kids Are Here” platform, which helps schoolchildren to learn the Russian language, was used to teach in the classroom. According to him, the feature of the program is to involve the parents in the lessons.

Former class teacher Plotnikova noted that it is very difficult to study in such a classroom: “Ignorance of the Russian language is manifested every time we pronounce the same thing, memorize it, memorize it, repeat the same thing several times. make it easy for children to remember”. However, according to him, the children tried very hard.

“To get close to everyone, to show what color, to open the page, to show where to draw the line, etc. needs. For example, we had a task about birds; we had to draw a chip next to each bird. And some kids didn’t even know these were drawn birds. You have to explain everything from scratch each time. It’s very difficult,” said the teacher.

Parents of children from the “special class” reacted differently to the allocation of children to a separate group.

The mother of one of the students said that at first she was uncomfortable with the separation of children according to languages, but later on, after the school administration explained the situation, it became clear why this was done.

There were also parents who wanted their children to be integrated into Russian society. Their words were also quoted by Novosti Volgograd.

“I am from Tajikistan. I gave birth to all three of my children in Volgograd, I live here all the time. The children are divided into two classes. The first shift is Russians, the second shift is Tajiks and Uzbeks. We want the kids mixed up. So that my child can learn Russian and speak without an accent. It is clear that he will chat with Tajiks in Tajik,” said the mother of another student.

In Volgograd, a teacher refused a primary school class in which children of immigrants from the CIS did not speak Russian. In 2022, the school administration gathered students with a low level of Russian in a single classroom to learn the language and catch up with the school curriculum. Parents opposed this decision because their children were afraid of “isolation”, and the teacher eventually could not cope with the burden and abandoned the first graders.

Source: Gazeta


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