Investigation into the release of conscripts from the army St. Completed in St. Petersburg 03:08

st. In St. Petersburg, military investigators completed a criminal investigation against an organized group of doctors who took bribes for misdiagnosing conscripts and dismissing them from their positions in the armed forces. The newspaper reports “Kommersant”.

The investigation believes that doctors are for 250-300 thousand rubles. It is deposited in the personal file of mandatory medical documents of a real patient with a stomach ulcer, heart disease or flat feet and for which a citizen is only partially eligible for military service.

During the year of the investigation, investigators were able to identify 12 cases of bribery received by military and civilian doctors. Currently, St. All the doctors pleaded guilty, except Vladimir Kilimchuk, the former head of the St. Petersburg Center for Military Medical Specialization. Kilimchuk claims that he was slandered by his subordinates.

Previously, it was reported that there were employees of the National Police and the country’s Security Service (SBU) in the Ternopil region of Ukraine. exposed A military man and his accomplice take a $6,000 bribe to secure a soldier’s presence in the rear.

Former Attorney General’s Office connected A series of arsons in military registration and enlistment offices, along with Russia’s successes in the NWO.

Source: Gazeta


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