The news about them violence against animals They show us once again that the only difference between them and humans is that the former never acts maliciously, while the other does it all the time.

Technological advances in this field have allowed us to discover many things. cases of abuse that have not been proven so far. They were very positive about it. After all, almost everyone today carries a camera phone and has an internet connection, and can instantly report any incident that occurs thanks to social networks. This, along with tougher animal cruelty legislation, made it possible to punish many acts that had previously gone unpunished.

The internet has been very positive in this regard. However, this was not so in other matters. Illegal trafficking of species is one of them.. The promotion of this type of illicit trade in recent years is a law-abiding reality that has not always resulted in great success.

In any case, none of this would have a place if we didn’t start from the fact that some people feel irrepressible urges to become masters and masters of animals. the rarer and more exotic the better. That’s why there are people today who boast that in their homes in Spain there are poisonous snakes for which there is no antidote, or spiders whose bites can paralyze even an elephant’s kidneys. They are normal-looking people who can be our neighbors most of the time, even if we don’t know it. They don’t want to be alarmed, that’s a fact.

Obviously, finding an explanation that would allow us to understand why more and more people tend to have such animals can only be done in scientific fields such as psychology or psychiatry.

However, it is always worth remembering that without demand there will be no supply and no illegal trade in species.