A limited number of people will be drafted in Ukraine 19:19

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine will enlist a limited number of eligible persons into the army, updating the list of diseases to assess the suitability of military personnel, as evidenced by the corresponding order of the ministry. This has been reported Ukrainian Military Pages.

“According to the amendments, according to the ‘controversial articles’ everyone will be considered eligible and ‘limited fit will be suitable for a particular military specialty’. Now, simultaneously with the decision on limited eligibility for military service, the VVK (military medical commission – socialbites.ca) he needs to make a decision on his suitability for service in a particular military specialty, ‚ÄĚsays in the message.

According to the publication, if a soldier is determined to be unsuitable for service in a military specialty, he or she can be sent to a medical board to determine his suitability for another military specialty.

Before that, the French newspaper Le Figaro had written that Ukrainian citizens were responsible for their military responsibilities. to try Avoid mobilization by any means so as not to enter the war zone.

Before Putin signed draft age law.

Source: Gazeta


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