New edition of ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ already has a premiere date at La 1

1 of them TVE set a release date for its eighth editionMasterchef Celebrities’. The public reveals culinary talent Thursday, September 7 at 22:35.. The program will feature Sonsoles Ónega and Alberto Chicote’s special ‘Hablando en plata’ premiere at Antena 3. Next week will meet the premiere of ‘GH VIP 8’ on Telecinco on Thursday, the 14th.

Blanca Romero, Eduardo Casanova, Tania Llasera, Jorge Sanz, Laura Londoño, Daniel Illescas, Miguel Diosdado, Palito Dominguín, Álvaro Múñoz Escassi, Genoveva Casanova, Toñi Moreno, Sandra Gago, Jorge Cadaval, César Cadaval and Jebriquen They will be the celebrities competing to win the coveted ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ award at this event.

The jury will also consist of: Pepe Rodriguez jordi cruz and Samantha Vallejo-Nagera, It will test the candidates with the toughest kitchen challenges on television.

Source: Informacion


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