Gorilla receives stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis for the first time 14:28

Experts from the University of Sheffield tested a new method of treating osteoarthritis with mesenchymal stem cells on a gorilla; A similar technique had not been used before. In this respect reported on the university website.

Gorilla Liesel lived in Budapest Zoo. The animal suffered from osteoarthritis of the knee and hip joints of the left leg, in which damage to the cartilage and surrounding tissues was observed. The disease is characterized by pain, stiffness and loss of joint function.

Stem cell therapy aims to regenerate the damaged area. The mesenchymal stem cells that the scientists used (that is, that can differentiate into different cell types in the body) were obtained from another young female gorilla. Experts decontaminated and cultured stem cells. The resulting suspension was stored in the freezer until the beginning of the treatment.

After a successful procedure, researchers watch closely to determine if Liesel will have the same positive effects as dogs and horses that have previously received similar stem cell therapy. If all goes well, scientists will be one step closer to developing a similar treatment for humans.

ancient scientists created A new way to diagnose arthrosis at an early stage.

Source: Gazeta


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