Motorized rifles of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation attacked the bunkers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Soledar 07:49

Motorized rifles of the RF Armed Forces smashed the bunkers of the Ukrainian troops closest to the Russian positions near Soledar. In this respect DEA News Said a reconnaissance officer from the 200th separate guard motor rifle brigade of the Northern Fleet, which operates as part of the Southern Forces Group.

According to him, the bunkers were hit by mortar fire.

“The target was hit in three shots – the enemy bunker, the distance to the enemy at these positions is 200 meters from our positions here,” the soldier said.

He added that two bunkers were destroyed in one day.

Prior to that, a reconnaissance officer of the 200th separate guard motor rifle brigade of the Northern Fleet as part of the Southern Forces Group. said About the battles near Soledar.

He added that Russian troops watched the entrances of Soledar 24 hours a day and destroyed equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) on the way. Ukrainian troops do not conduct large-scale offensive operations, but attack in small groups.

Three fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine before swam through He surrendered to the Dnieper and the RF Armed Forces.

Source: Gazeta


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