An Alicante couple condemns Social Services’ failure to extradite their son a month after the lawsuit was filed

More than a month has passed since the incident criminal investigation what motivated this social welfare i will remove custody of your child archived for a while Alicante court At the prosecutor’s request, however, Social Services has not returned the child and is still not establishing a visitation regime to be able to see him again. “We haven’t seen him since February because the court had made a decision. restraining order“, explained to this newspaper Stephanie Moreno, the mother of the little boy who will turn two next October. She assures that all the time she spent without him was a nightmare and that if Justice has already made up her mind, she doesn’t understand why they won’t let her come back to him.

“My husband and I are clean, the judges have already said that, and we’ve been subject to all the tests they sent us,” she said. “Our son was taken from us without any evidence Now that our innocence has been proven, they don’t want to give it back to us.” says Estefania, “I became an elite athlete And so do my two kids.”

This newspaper contacted Social Services for their view of the events, without any further explanation other than that the minor was with another relative. The couple only received the reply that the Ministry found the reports about them insufficient and I needed more information. “If we didn’t do anything, why are they saying they’re going to investigate us further now?” she wondered. Julio Mendozafather of the little one. Parents say they are willing to go to courtAlthough they fear a long process that will leave them without seeing their son for a long time.

“They took our son without showing a single piece of evidence, and now they are not giving him back”

Estefanía Moreno – mother of underage child

The facts date back to February of this year, and an acquaintance of the couple had to report them and reassure them that they were at home.they threw drug-consuming parties in front of minors and accessible even to them pornographic material. This complaint is accepted for false and false interestsAfter spending the night in the cells of the Police Station, it led to both being immediately arrested by the police and referred to the courthouse. alleged crime of abandoning family. The mother had recently had a nervous breakdown, which caused the complainant to stay here to care for her son, after which the complaint was filed. Besides the small declared helpless Thanks to social services, the woman has two more children. One is a minor, the other she lives with her father, who was Estefanía’s previous partner.

little in these months Provincial House It is under the guardianship of Social Aids. As the warrant was issued from the court, they could not see him during the open judicial investigation, where everyone around the couple was questioned. Within the scope of the investigation, besides themselves, their underage daughters also took part as witnesses.


After five months of investigation, the magistrate closed the case at the request of the prosecutor’s office, as none of the incidents that led to the complaint could be proven. The judge was standing in the car. “None of the testimonies available, none of those declaring, confirmed that those under investigation had neglected two minor children (work, food, hygiene and other duties related to the fulfillment of your care)” says the judge in the court decision. Likewise, the judge states the following: contradictory statements among witnesses who said minors were endangered at one of these parties. The judge also does not consider it proven that the couple watched pornography in front of the underage girl, but the possibility that this fact may have occurred cannot be ruled out. accidentally syncing phones. The judge also sees no evidence of drug dealing in the home.

“If we haven’t done anything, why are they asking us to investigate further now?”

Julio Mendoza – The father of the little boy

The judge reminds that the complainant personally came to the court and said that the investigation was being carried out.she was a good mother“. The order mandates the provisional dismissal of the case and provides for the removal of all injunctions in force on the couple, but states that “without prejudice to the safeguards adopted in the administrative field“. At this time the file did not lead to the immediate return of the child.

Generalitat Advocacy’s opposition

While the Generalitat Chief Prosecutor’s Office objected to the dismissal of the case, the prosecutor’s office demanded the dismissal of the case due to insufficient evidence. Lawyers asked for an extension Continuing the investigation of the allegation, which was rejected by the judge with the understanding that “they do not accept the delay in making this decision”. The Emir recalls that the Generalitat was admitted as a charge in this particular case. Responsible for the protection of the minor’s interests. When the judge and prosecutor evaluated that the events had been adequately investigated, the allegations to expand the investigations were rejected. The decision was not final and there was a right of appeal against it.Even though it’s the beginning of August.

Source: Informacion


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