6 million 25,000 counterfeit goods seized in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Civil Guard launched an operation to combat it. crimes against industrial property inside The entire state of Santa Cruz de Tenerife where he intervened 25,714 counterfeit products related to top brands, worth more than six million euros in the current market.

Inside operation Tag it happened 39 people researched Persons alleged to be perpetrators of crimes against industrial property.

The investigation began when the Civil Guard began conducting the investigation in May. surveillance services for different business organizations positioned Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierrowhere agents detect the sale of a large number of counterfeit products.

Once the facilities are determined, agents A comprehensive device is deployed to simultaneously perform Inspections are carried out in order to prevent traffickers’ reports of police intervention.

The fruit of this device, security guards managed to identify 41 stores, most of them bazaars.verifying that they are engaged in the sale of a large number of counterfeit items belonging to high-end brands of various types, such as, among other things, clothing, bags, wallets, belts, shoes, sunglasses, perfumes, toys and other children’s goods. .

During these inspections, agentsn forensic expert brand expert This proved that the products sold were indeed counterfeit.

Some children’s items stand out, for which special attention is paid because they do not pass the mandatory quality checks to guarantee the safety required for their use by young children, and in some cases due to the dangers that their lack may pose.

After extensive and extensive expert work, The total value of counterfeit products seized in the current market is expected to reach 6 million 344 thousand 127 euros.. This is one of the largest operations against industrial property in the Canary Islands.

The operation was performed by: 120 agents from different units: Tenerife North and Tenerife South Airports Tax Department Tax and Border Analysis Unit (UDAIFF), with members of regional Corporations Tax and Border Patrols (PAFIFs) and representatives of the Organic Division of the Judicial Police.

The investigation was conducted by the Santa Cruz de Tenerife State Prosecutor’s Office, as well as the various courts of jurisdiction in each of the borders where the inspections were carried out.

Source: Informacion


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