96% of Russians are ready to buy Russian analogues of garden equipment instead of Western brands

The majority of Russians (89%) cultivate their garden plots using special equipment, comes after the online goods hypermarket survey for home, cottage, construction and repair VseInstrumenty.ru taken by socialbites.ca.

11% of respondents work without additional equipment. The majority of them (37%) said that they do not see the need to buy equipment because their land is very small.

24% do not have money to buy batteries and electrical equipment. 21% admit that they like to work the soil by hand, and 11% believe it is better to work with their hands.

The majority of those who cultivate the land with the help of machinery (29%) do not dream of their summer work without using a pruner. Every quarter (25%) considers a walk-behind tractor necessary in the field and every fifth (20%) considers a battery sprayer.

8% cannot work without a chainsaw, 6% without a lawnmower and the same number of mini-washers. 2% chose the “high cutter” option. Less than 2% voted for blowers, aerators, grain crushers, mini tractors and firewood equipment.

This year, 64% of respondents planned to purchase batteries and electrical equipment for summer cottages. At the same time, 96% said that they are ready to buy equipment of domestic production instead of foreign analogues.

old russians saidWhich vegetables and fruits are planned to be planted in the gardens.

Source: Gazeta


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