Poll: Every second Russian won’t visit McDonald’s after network returns

Although McDonald’s may be back soon after its rebranding, the fast food chain will lose some of its customers even if it retains the restaurants’ menu and location, as the SuperJob survey shows. Every fifth of McDonald’s visitors last year expressed their reluctance to visit the new chain. And among representatives of the economically active population as a whole, every second Russian (49%) said that they would not visit organizations because of a fundamental disagreement with the company’s policy.

The results of the survey, in which more than 1,600 people participated, are at the disposal of socialbites.ca.

May 19th became knownMcDonald’s, which officially suspended its operations in Russia on March 14, will sell its business in Russia to current licensee businessman Alexander Govor. Last week, the media reported that in Russia the restaurant may change its name to Mc. It could later be renamed Oleg Paroev, Mc CEO of McDonald’s in Russia refuted.

Despite this, Mc (or words with the prefix “Mac-” / “Mc-“) is the most popular choice among Russians surveyed, according to SuperJob. It is recommended to use 9%.

Speaking of which fast food chains replaced McDonald’s after they left, it turned out that 25% of the restaurant’s former guests began to visit KFC, 17% to Burger King, and one in ten people went to non-chain establishments, cafes and bakeries. (10%). The fact that other networks cannot replace McDonald’s was accepted by an average of three out of ten people.

Source: Gazeta


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