Ussuriysk prosecutor’s office investigates flood victims after deciding to postpone 22:05

Ussuriysk prosecutor’s office reportedly conducting an investigation after the flood victims decided to delay “Kommersant”.

On August 25, a video appeared on one of the Telegram channels in Ussuriysk, in which a man shows canned food that has expired two or three months ago. According to him, these were given to victims at the humanitarian centre.

previous investigation woke up A criminal case on negligence after the collapse of an unfinished dam during a flood in Ussuriysk. This was reported by the press service of the Primorsky District Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the results of the investigation by the prosecutor, it was possible to establish that the construction of the dam was not completed on time – only 9 out of 11 stages of work were completed. In addition, in April of this year, the contractor was given administrative responsibility for deviations from the project documentation.

As a result of violations made during the flood, the dam collapsed. 5 apartments, 2 educational institutions and more than 15 garages were flooded.

Formerly resident in Kazan detained With 730 grams of mysterious gummy bears.

Source: Gazeta


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