US justice removes possibility for inmates to appeal unfair sentences

United States Justice, yield The number of innocent prisoners is higher. This Monday Supreme Court The majority of the country, made up of a right-wing majority, has abolished the constitutional protections that gave women legal protection. prisoners so that they can object unfair sentences. This lifeline allowed them to present new evidence to substantiate their claims. innocence even after serving a prison sentence or death sentence. The judicial coup suppresses this right.

The court’s decision reveals that once convicted, prisoners can no longer challenge their case. judgment to judges, even if their lawyers argue that their sentences were unfair for not defending their cases properly. In practice, prisoners would be denied the right to present new evidence against the original sentence, even if it was wrong. Thus, federal courts will be barred from listening to inmates’ claims, no matter how much they prove their innocence.

Allegedly, this is the case Barry JonesHe was found guilty of raping and murdering his girlfriend’s 4-year-old daughter in 1994. This man was convicted for having sex with the girl the day before his death, but no autopsy was conducted to prove his guilt afterwards. In 2017, medical professionals reviewed the case and concluded that the injuries that caused the minor’s death did not occur the previous day, invalidating the charge the prisoner had been convicted of 23 years ago.

After years of legal dispute between lawyers and the prosecution, the Supreme Court has ruled that Jones has no right to present new evidence that could exonerate him and force him to remain on death row. TS’s punishment gives rise to case-law, which means that for this particular case his decision has become a maxim that applies to all prisoners in the country.

“Bad Decision”

The judge said, “This decision is perverse. It is unreasonable.” Sonia Sotomayor, one of three progressive members of the Supreme Court. “The Court’s decision thus turns into rubble the right of many habeas corpus petitioners to seek the effective assistance of a lawyer.” The other two, the judges Stephen Breyer Y Elena Kaganthey also filed a criminal complaint against this change.

The decision, which was approved by six votes to three, was made possible thanks to the conservative majority controlling the highest court in the United States, with the majority unequivocally supported by the approval of judges such as the following during Donald Trump’s tenure. Brett Kavanaughaccused of multiple sexual abuse. The same majority is the majority that will end the right to abortion.

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