As temperatures approach summer, you have several options for cooling your home. from a bet air conditioningBuy a traditional standing fan, a penguin, or a ceiling fan. In this latest range there is plenty to choose from as the offerings of these devices are quite extensive at the moment. Here we are talking about bladeless ceiling fans, for example.


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But there is one model that stands out above the others as it is one of the most sought after. about this model Leroy Merlin’s Tokyo.

Tokyo Leroy Merlin fan

This model has a very simple design and is exactly the key there as it can be adapted to any living room or room. You can choose your favorite white or gray. there is this fan three knives, lamp (compatible E27 bulbs with a maximum of 15 watts) and cools the air in the rooms. More than 20 square meters.

It has six speeds and you can program it to any time you want with the remote control: one, two or four hours. This fan can be fixed to a ceiling with a 15º slope and the lighting intensity and temperature can be selected.

Tokyo Leroy Merlin Fan | This is the most sought after model LEROY MERLIN

Having it is another advantage. summer and winter function, so you can use it year-round. The blades will rotate in the other direction to cool the room in the summer and in the winter to let the hot air down and heat the room. It is 39 centimeters high, 132 wide and weighs 6.7 kilograms. Its price is 94.99 Euros.

How to install Leroy Merlin’s Tokyo fan

This model is very simple to set up and on the Leroy Merlin website they show you step by step how to do it.

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Get information and choose the best way to stay cool at home without spending a lot of money.