France plans to vaccinate at-risk people with fifth dose this fall

France raises the possibility of a new vaccination campaign against covid in the fall. new epidemic waves, but in principle it will be aimed at people at risk of developing severe forms of the disease.

The High Authority for Health (HAS, an official scientific body) announced this Wednesday that this campaign 65 years and older, People with a suppressed immune system and those with comorbidities that put them at risk of developing severe forms of coronavirus.

He also asked about the possibility. vaccinate healthcare workers on the basis of current results on the effectiveness of the vaccine for asymptomatic forms of the disease, ie as a precautionary measure to prevent these professionals from infecting fragile patients.

HAS justified these recommendations on the basis of the scenario it most likely sees, where the virus remains active and the population’s immunity declines, but remains adequate for the most severe forms. majority of the population.

This scenario also implies epidemic increases. The purpose of the vaccination campaign is to reduce mortality.

A pessimistic scenario could be the emergence of a new, more lethal variant. decreased immunity against severe forms and cause a new wave of epidemics.

In this situation, scientific institution I advocate a vaccination campaign for the entire population that prioritizes risk groups.

almost in france 148,000 dead By covid and the number of infections has been falling for weeks since registration began in March 2020, average 22.000 per day right now.

France started vaccination with the second booster dose since last April (fourth dose total) for all people over 60 years old.

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