Some audio recordings of alleged gang rape victim in Malaga free two suspects

The head of the Malaga Instruction Court No. 5, which is investigating an allegation of a frustrated group rape of a woman in Malaga. Malagueta beach in Malaga citylaid two teenagers released on bail those who have been in prison since last May 10 because of this. Raúl Olivares, a lawyer for one of those being investigated, told EFE: The investigation made a “full turnaround” and, thinking he had doubts, filed an appeal for reform. in the procedure.

Sources from the Andalusian Supreme Court of Justice (TSJA) said that this measure was taken a few days ago, some transactions and upon the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, although they stated that the two men had been released they continue to be investigated for the alleged commission counter crime sexual freedom consisting of sexual assault and another robbery. Both have their passports withdrawn, they have to appear in court at regular intervals and are banned from leaving the country. The third person under investigation was already provisionally released when he testified before the security court.

Other forensic sources told EFE on the magistrate’s release decision. took into account some audio recordings of alleged victims. i can say that kept the facts to get financial aid and legal residence.

The news is also featured in the Sur newspaper. A significant change in the case has occurred after a new report It was sent by the National Police Family and Women’s Care Unit (UFAM), which expanded the police report.

In this new job records the presence of a witness, a friend of the complainantHe contacted the Local Police to report that he had messages and sounds allegedly sent by the victim admitted that she was unaware that she had been sexually assaulted here.

Police arrested three people aged 19, 30 and 31. In the early hours of Sunday, May 8, allegations of sexual assault and violence and intimidation and theft, since one of them was arrested The victim’s belongings were in his hands. Agents of the crew of the Provincial Citizens’ Security Brigade allegedly prevented multiple rape after being called by a person who said he saw a very drunk woman who may have been sexually coerced.

The agents surprised the three men around the victim, He said he had been released and that one of them was carrying the woman’s belongings when they were arrested. According to research, women was having a few beers with a couple that he left at a certain moment, so he was alone in the establishment. it was then when a man approaches her and they start talking friendly and when he announced his intention to return home, he offered to accompany her for a walk on the beach.

The woman agreed, but at some point She asked him to kiss her and ran to her, after it appeared, the other two investigated.

Source: Informacion


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