Founders of IVI participate in colligation project promoted by Marjal

This Swamp Group Adds new partners suitspecial section they created to compete to live togetherso-called residential buildings half stay for professionals, including common areas. If it turns out that last December, the firm of the Fur and Gómez families granted access to the shares of this subsidiary, Tasmania GroupThe company of Catalan businessman Rubén Fernández is now announcing the founding of the company as partners of none else. Founders and current shareholders of the Valencia Infertility Institute (IVI): Antonio Pellicer Martínez, Luis Pellicer Martínez, José Alejandro Remohí Giménez and Carlos Bertomeu.

In this way, the shareholders of Suiters will be split in two from now on. three equal partsas confirmed by the company, which anticipates that this merger will allow them to realize their ambitious expansion plans, 60 million investment expected euro in four years.

From the firm, they stress that the new partners “will make a huge contribution. strategic value To expand Suiters and transform the company 100% domestic capitalThey also underline its complementarity with other stakeholders, noting that the project will continue to contribute to the ‘know how’ acquired with the support of the driving company Marjal Grupo. by designing singular spaces over the years somium (housing division) and creating leisure, recreation and tourism experiences in the chain of resorts Alanya.

A recreation of future Suiters gathering in front of Alicante Central Market.

The operation was coordinated by Deloitte CPA’s Real Estate Corporate Finance area.

Coliving is a new real estate product offering a targeted urban housing format in line with current trends. digital nomadsscholars and other users who request average lengths of stay or geographic relocation for professional, educational or even recreational reasons.

Buildings designed in this way combine common areas and individual areas A concept that Suiters calls the “shared abundance formula” for work, leisure or socializing.

Suiters, existing properties symbolic placesrescuing unique architecture from degraded areas to help improve their neighborhoods and cities. The ultimate aim of the projects is not only to offer a place to live, but also to contribute to the economic and urban sustainability of the region by making a positive impact on the environment.

Currently, the company has three projects and more than 150 units accommodation in development. between AlicanteThe first to open its doors this year, it is located opposite the city’s Central Market and has 49 accommodation units. project Valencia It will have 40 lodgings located on Avenida del Puerto and MalagaIt is located on Calle Lazcano, where it will offer 62 residential areas.

Somebody Suiters goals are to reach 500 units To this end, in addition to the development of its own projects, a new line of business focused on asset management, opening business spaces from other owners and bringing them to the Suiters brand, philosophy and values.

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