Russia approves nine-year sentence of Navalny

A Moscow court on Tuesday upheld the nine-year prison sentence for opposition leader Alexei Navalni. fraud and humiliationThis implies not only prolonging his time in prison, but also the toughening of prison conditions, which will be subject to a stricter regime.

Navalni’s defense appealed against the sentence announced in March, but eventually the judge decided to withhold the sentence. “without changes”, According to statements gathered by the Interfax news agency. So the sentence will already be enforceable and the opposition leader must be transferred to another prison.

Navalni already serving someone else two and a half years in prison He appeared in court for fraud in a prison near Moscow via video conference, where his lawyers tried in vain to argue that there was no evidence against him and that it was all part of political persecution.

In the latter case, Navalni is accused of various crimes. fraudulent activitiessome are linked to fundraising for the activities of the Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK), an organization founded by him and classified by Moscow as “extremist”.

The humiliation accusations are a World War II he calls. “corrupt servant” and “traitor”.

Navalni’s spokesperson, Kira Yarmish, warned of the prison he will be transferred to. “It is known that detainees were tortured and killed” and warned that the sentence approved Tuesday would not be the last, as Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to keep his most emblematic rival behind bars “as long as he can”.

“The task of the whole world, Putin “We will be defeated as soon as possible,” Yarmish said on Twitter.

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