Google introduced new features Google Maps Street View, among the possibilities Go back in time on mobile and get to know cities with immersive mapsalong with the new camera that will allow the world to be recorded with high quality images.

Street View is the Google Maps service that shows streets in a real image. The tech company announced the launch of new features this Tuesday to mark the 15th anniversary of its launch on Sunday, May 29.

One of these innovations resides in a camera that “has all the power, resolution and processing capabilities built into the Street View car, but compressed into an ultraportable system,” as Google notes on its blog.

State of the art camera

This camera features a metal base with two lenses and vents and can be taken to different places, from a remote island to the top of a mountain. It weighs less than 7 kilos and allows the addition of modular components such as a laser scanner to collect images with useful details such as lane markings or potholes.

In addition, this device, which will begin to be implemented in Street View cars next year, can be connected to any vehicle that has a roof rack and is controlled from a mobile device.

With the new camera, Google hopes to “get high-quality images from more places.” especially from “conventionally poorly mapped areas such as the Amazon jungle”.

go back in time

Another innovation announced on the occasion of the anniversary of this service is the possibility to go back in time. from the app iOS Y Android, A function only available in the web version so far.

With a new option integrated into visuals under its name, users will be able to visualize how time passes in a place. ‘See more dates’. While viewing an image, they can tap on it to learn more about the site, as well as other images posted from the site since the introduction of Street View in 2007.

Google also got the new immersive skin. A new map from a combination of Street View images Artificial Intelligence (AI), as previously announced during the celebration of the annual developer event.

Thanks to advances in machine vision and artificial intelligence, it will begin to combine aerial and street view images to create a digital model of places around the world. This immersive view will be available later this year.