‘Survivors’, ‘El Hormiguero’ and ‘La noche D’ in today’s ‘prime time’

‘D-Night’ come back tonight one from TVE (10:40). After the special live broadcast with Chanel, the venue presented by Eva Soriano pays homage to the programs that made history on television by dedicating the third program of the season to big shows. With visits from Ana Obregón, Isabel Gemio, Malena Alterio, Toni Acosta, Santi Millán and the comics Martita de Graná, it will be a night of nostalgia, good music and humor reassured.

Carlos Sobera ‘surviving’ at Telecinco

‘Survivors 2022’ occupies the space left blank by ‘Entrevías’ tonight telecinco Tuesday nights (9:55). The premiere of Carlos Sobera will celebrate the first liberation ceremony of the candidate who received the greatest support with the votes of the audience. In addition, the competitors of both teams will play an amazing prize game where the key to success will be strength and balance. They will also play in a fun mime game in pairs where they will have to guess different movies.

José Andrés visited Antena 3

For his part, chief Jose Andres visit the set tonight ‘Anthill’ (09:45). The chef, who was awarded the Princess Asturias Award for Concord in 2021, will talk about his intense humanitarian work with the World Central Kitchen foundation in Ukraine and the premiere of his documentary ‘Feeding the World’, which will be released next May. Reached 27 Disney+.

four released a new installment this Tuesday ‘The future’ (10:50 pm), new program on science, technology and innovation presented and led by Carmen Porter. The program will focus on all these technological developments that contribute to improving various aspects of daily life related to work, leisure, health and well-being; in recent research in fields such as medicine, the brain, consciousness and nature; state-of-the-art systems and applications; and on robots and nanotechnology, among other topics.

sixth plan special tonight ‘The Sixth Key’ Presented by Rodrigo Blázquez (10:30 pm). On this occasion, the space will present a greater analysis and in-depth explanation of today’s most relevant and interesting issues with Rodrigo Blázquez at the helm.

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