10 things you need to know about Cryptocurrencies as a company or self-employed

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The event is held in the amphitheater of the Elche Convention Center.

1- Is it legal?

It is not illegal to buy, sell, trade, pay or receive payments with Cryptocurrencies, neither in Spain nor the European Union.

2- Are they regulated?

in Spain so far no regulatory framework yet On the contrary, taxation, accounting and invoicing of cryptocurrencies are regulated 100% in our country.

3- Is it safe?

It varies. They are purchased from a reputable national or international Exchange House, and 100% consolidated Cryptocurrencies purchased in the crypto ecosystem, yes they are.

If you buy 100% consolidated Cryptocurrencies in the crypto ecosystem, they are safe

4- Are they a scam?

Don’t do that. Scammers use a lack of knowledge of cutting-edge technology to mislead investors. We have similar examples in the stock market, gold, stamps or real estate.

5- Can a hacker steal my Cryptocurrencies?

If Cryptocurrency is 100% consolidated (Bitcoin, Ethereum…), you use a known Cryptocurrency Wallet and store your Wallet’s password (private key) in a safe place (hardest is hardware wallet), they can’t steal your crypto.

6- Can anyone buy it?

Yes, as a natural person or legal person. As with other investments, Never invest money that could affect your family’s finances if you lose it.

The more a Cryptocurrency is bought, the higher its value

7- What does the price depend on?

Mainly supply and demand. The more a Cryptocurrency is bought, the higher its value and the more it sells the more it goes down. Macroeconomic news like the invasion of Ukraine affects the value of Cryptocurrencies in the same way as other markets.

8- Is your price very volatile?

Yes. 1% on the stock market is equivalent to a 10% change in the price of Cryptocurrencies.. An investor in cryptocurrencies will see a positive or negative 15% weekly return and should be prepared for it.

9- When do you have to pay tax on cryptocurrencies?

when do you get profit, either when you convert them to Euros or when you buy other Cryptocurrencies. For example, if you have €1,000 worth of Bitcoin and its value rises to €10,000, then if you decide to sell or buy €9,000 worth of Ethereum, you will declare a 19% capital gain on €9,000. (for example, in income as a natural person). When you lose, you can also declare them to offset other gains. and pay less taxes (you can declare losses for up to 4 years prior).

Record of your transactions between cryptocurrencies It is not necessary to add them to your Income during the year.but if you keep it for 4 years because Tax Office can claim them.

For example, if you buy Bitcoin and you hold waiting for it to revalue (this is called holdear), but you don’t sell it, you won’t pay tax for itAs an asset (Community of Valencia) you will need to declare Wealth Tax unless you exceed the €500,000 limit.

I Crypto Business Forum

10- Can I charge cryptocurrencies for my products and services?

Yes, 100% regulated in Spain. For example, if the payment is made in Bitcoin, you will receive Cryptocurrencies and will be able to automatically convert them to Euros to avoid price fluctuations due to volatility and avoid paying taxes on a possible capital gain. .

Day: Friday, May 27, between 09:00 – 14:00.

Place: Elche Convention Center Amphitheater.

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