Generalitat contributes 50m euros to gas stations to cover Government bonus

Arcadi Spain, Minister of the Treasury and Economic Model, announced that starting this Monday, the service station sector will have access to a €50m IVF-Energy Products subsidized financing line. Ensuring that around 800 gas stations in the Valencian Community can accept a bonus of €0.20 per liter from the Governmentor without causing tension for head office work”.

During a meeting with IVF director Manuel Illueca and CEV president and secretary-general Salva Navarro and Esther Gilabert, Arcadi España reiterated that the goal is twofold: “On the one hand, designing a financial instrument is at no cost to stations and 0% interest rateguaranteeing the viability of its businesses following the measure promoted by the central government; and, on the other hand, to facilitate and encourage the application of a 20 cent discount at all gas stations so that users can enjoy it without disturbing small service stations”.

“An initiative designed to help drivers cope with rising fuel prices under no circumstances may endanger the viability of service stationsThat’s why we worked in constant dialogue with the industry from Consel, and Spain drew attention after reminding them that we have all the means at our disposal to have liquidity. at no cost for a year and a half”.

Advance up to 1 million euro

Thanks to this financial product, gas stations can access subsidized loans of up to one million euros. The limit for self-employed people is 150.000 Euro and 300.000 Euro for micro-enterprises.

As Arcadi España explained in its meeting with the people responsible for CEV, as agreed with the industry, the maximum advance amount that each gas station can receive will be calculated by taking into account the average monthly consumption of the season in question in 2021. , being able to claim the estimated cost of the bonus for a total of two monthly payments.

“This fact ensures that gas stations are at your disposal a wide range of financing “If the fuel sales are higher than in previous years, it will face a discount,” he said.

He also reminded that these loans are a total bonus at the interest rate, thanks to the economic effort of approximately 7 million Euros from the Ministry of Finance and Economy Model to pay the interest. does not include any costs, therefore The operating cost will be zero percent for the first 18 months.“.

The call for the new IVF Related Energy Products subsidized financing line has been published in the Official Journal of Generalitat Valenciana and can be requested through the new IVF web platform ( assuring that they will be “simple and fast. Getting these resources from Generalitat to provide them with adequate financial support until the central government transfers resources to them”.

Subsidized Financing Line IVF Affin Energy Products It is among the measures framed in the Reactive Plan.Designed by Consell as a response to the energy emergency, its purpose is to reactivate the economic recovery in the Community and make it easier for companies and citizens to cope with rising energy and hydrocarbon costs.

Source: Informacion


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