‘Love island 2’: these are the ten islanders of the new season

This Summer is coming early this year at Neox with the second edition of ‘Love Island’is a refreshing reality show where ten islanders live together in a luxury villa in search of love. The Atresmedia chain introduced its heroes at Sunday’s premiere and formed their first couple; what else, Cristina Pedroche announced the news this season.

One of them is the “red button”, a button that all islanders can use. When one of them finds living with someone unbearable or has a love rival they want to get rid of, they can press on that resident to begin deporting. But whoever presses the button will come forward and The audience will decide which of the two will come out..

When pairs are already set up, the server welcomed Luis, a 30-year-old chemical operator. His arrival impressed the islanders of the village and they did not hesitate to come near him to get to know him better.

Yaiza, 24 years old

Yaiza works in a hotel from the beach. It entertains its customers with various activities (bingo, yoga classes, rifle shooting…) during the day and enchants them with the art of flamenco at night. He likes to meditate, believes a lot in energies and often writes down his reflections and thoughts. He is looking for a friendly, funny boy who follows his rhythm.

Saleh, 24 years old

Self-employed from age 20. He is looking for a respectful, loyal and empathetic, stable partner, a life partner. Socializing with girls is difficult for him as he is very focused on his work and does not like to party.

Paula, 21 years old

Paola studies Law and studies as: salesman in men’s suit store. His father is from Navarra and his mother is Cuban. He says that although he is in love with his town, the city has surpassed him and needs to broaden his love horizons. Look for a playful kid, but with a good track record that gives him the desired stability.

Alan, 21 years old

Identified as a male street wise, generous, familiar and a little lazy. Rap and football fan. He works as a stockist in a supermarket, but wants to grow professionally and his dream is to operate in the stock market. He had two important relationships: the first with a math teacher and the second with an Irish girl.

Dei, 29 years old

Lithuanian by birth, came to Almeria at the age of 12. as a teenager it was discovered by a model agent and started his career on the podiums. She has walked the catwalk for various brands and participated in many international fashion competitions, but 4 years ago she decided to change course. She currently works as the manager of an exclusive beach club in Dubai and looks forward to a change of scenery and falling in love on ‘Love Island’.

Albert, 24 years old

Alberto is a young man with many goals in life, but he has one main goal to achieve: to get his job as a police officer. This canary is described as cheerful, friendly, extroverted and a very good person. In love, she confirms that in her last two relationships, she didn’t fully trust them, despite identifying herself as a man. romantic and very loyal person. He is looking for a pure and sincere love that will make him feel that the woman of his life has arrived.

Laura, 21 years old

This fashion and rhythmic gymnastics are two great passions it was Cadiz’s second in Andalusia in Clubs and eighth in national championships. For some time, he focused on teaching the discipline to which he devoted his life. She is willing to change her male profile to see if she can finally find someone to share her life with.

Mauritius, 29 years old

Mauricio is a boy from Buenos Aires, currently residing in Madrid. This welder is highly regarded cheerful and charismatic. In love, he confirms that he is in a ‘hummingbird’ stage. A six-year relationship ended six months ago. He admits that they broke his heart, but he believes it’s time to meet new girls and find his better half.

Lorraine, 25 years old

Nutrition student, store assistantLorena, the Tenerife Carnival Queen nominee and current Miss Gold Spain nominee, won the national crown a few months ago and will soon represent our country at the international pageant. First of all, look for a tall, educated boy with dark hair who is not arrogant.

Raphael, 29 years old

Rafa pure fire Valencia. This security guard describes himself as an ‘asshole’ but has a big heart. Nicknamed Black and Decker, or 99.9% for his infallibility when it comes to dating. Fitness and motorcycle enthusiast. He is a born conqueror and loves to flirt. She hasn’t had much luck in love, but she believes this is her moment.

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