EU countries will try to reduce energy consumption to move away from Russia

countries European Union will support the plan European Commission move away from imported gas Russiaby explicitly mentioning the need to promote a reduction in energy consumption in the EU, according to the draft results of the next European summit.

This interim document supports the axes of the Repower EU plan that the European Commission submitted to the EU last week to reduce it. 66% of dependence on Russian gas in one yearsuch as diversifying suppliers, expanding renewable resources, or committing to green hydrogen.

The Council of Europe alsofurther increase energy efficiency and promote energy savings“, after the Community Manager has set the target of reducing energy use in the EU by at least 5%, in line with the International Energy Agency.

In his presentation of the Repower EU plan, Frans Timmermans, vice-president of the European Commission for Green Deal, said that decisions about the temperature of heating or air conditioning will be “a free and individual decision” by citizens.

“I speak from experience. I work with colleagues from all over Europe (…) and I can assure you that what is hot for someone in Estonia is sometimes understood as freezing temperature for someone from Spain. It’s not something you can flag as a rule from the European Union.“, I said.

Timmermans added that those who will decide on these issues will be the companies and citizens at that press conference, adding that he is content with stating that “you can turn on the air conditioner in a very short time by lowering the temperature a little bit in winter and not turning on the air conditioner in a very short time in summer”. (Vladimir) Putin’s pocket money and that’s fine.

Beyond energy saving, The final draft of the summit also envisions 27 encouraging people to start using the joint gas purchasing platform “before next winter”. and filling reservations as soon as possible.

The leaders of the Twenty-Seven “speed up distribution It will require “accelerated permitting of renewable projects” and will need to be “supported by an industrial cluster aimed at improving innovation, capacity, skills and supply chains of hydrogen, solar, wind, heat pumps and raw materials”. “.

The draft states that “investment in infrastructure, interconnections and renewable generation capacity is necessary” and calls for “continuing ongoing efforts to optimize the functioning of the European electricity market so that it can be better prepared for future price fluctuations”. and fully suited to a decarbonised energy system”.

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