Ribera calculates a 15% to 20% discount on the electricity price

Minister of Ecological Transformation, Theresa Riverahe said this monday discount electricity price The gas price cap is in limbo as the cap goes into effect, but his department operates cautiously on the hypothesis that it will. between 15% and 20%.

real discount for consumers, gas price evolution and hourly coverage with other energy sourcesThe important thing is that the new system offers “looseness” to change rates and encourage electricity contracting by the industry in the medium and long term, Ribera told the media.

Participating in the symbolic action for the start of the dismantling and transfer of the Cepsa refinery in the city in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the minister said: The importance of having electricity price references for the sector “for the future”.

Also referred to: The government’s decision to subsidize 20 cents per liter A measure considered if consumers need “modulation” for three months as of the end of June.

“We’re working on the economic team,” he said, to reconcile “increased sensitivity” for workers, professionals and industries who need it most, with agile and immediate coverage for all consumers.

“We want to adapt to the needs of every moment”, so at the end of June, make precise “adjustments”, see if the measurement requires “modulation” or stays “in the same terms”

Regarding the Canary Islands’ request for the archipelago to be exempt from the green tax on air transport promoted by the European Union, the minister agreed that the islands have “a uniqueness” as an outermost region and therefore “we need to pay attention” to mobility. and “relative cost for users”.

“We will work together on appropriate solutions”, Ribera noted, noting that the Canary Islands Government’s recommendations were “generally very reasonable”.

Source: Informacion


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