Pentagon unaware of Turkey’s demands on Finland and Sweden

The Pentagon said that they could not confirm the accuracy of Turkey’s claims regarding Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership. DEA News”.

“I cannot confirm the validity of this list,” said a ministry spokesperson.

It was previously reported that Turkey trusts the participation of Sweden and Finland in NATO. receive Include the latest F-35 fighters in the delivery program and lift US sanctions on the purchase of Russian S-400 air defense systems. This was reported by Bloomberg citing unidentified senior Turkish officials.

Ankara also has a pending request from the United States to purchase dozens of F-16 fighter jets and upgrade kits for its existing fleet, agency sources said.

Ankara demands that Sweden and Finland publicly accuse the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which has been declared a terrorist organization, and that these countries, along with many other European Union members, lift restrictions on arms exports to Turkey. I said.

At the same time, US State Department spokesman Ned Price stated that Turkey did not demand anything in return for Finland and Sweden’s support for NATO membership.

Source: Gazeta


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