Archaeologists in Cornwall, England, have found a mysterious Neolithic stone circle.

A mysterious stone circle has been discovered at the center of a prehistoric ritual site in Cornwall, southwest England. 3000-2500 BC These release reports daily mail.

Volunteers cleared the area of ​​vegetation that threatened the underground archaeological layers. This work allowed archaeologists to carry out the first detailed topographical and geophysical surveys of the site called Castillehenge, revealing traces of an ancient buried stone circle at its center. They also obtained data on the henge’s original shape and how it changed over time. Surrounded by an outer wall and an inner moat, Castille Henge apparently served as an amphitheater for meetings and ritual events. Previous research had concluded that the site was used as a theater in the Middle Ages and later as a defensive fortification during the English Civil War.

“Exploring this site has allowed us to understand its significance to Cornwall’s thousands of years of history,” said project leader Anne Preston-Jones. “This will help us make the right decision on how to manage this monument and make it available to the public so that it can be enjoyed by future generations.”

Earthen walls and an oval fence cover an interior space 68 m long and 62 m wide and 48×28 m respectively, where the stones were partially transferred and partially underground. Castillehenge is currently on the Threatened Heritage Register of Historic England as its remote location makes control difficult and has caused the earthworks and part of the interior to be covered with bushes.

Source: Gazeta


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