A 16-year-old boy was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Ibis.

A 16-year-old boy was seriously injured. after a motorcycle accident this Tuesday In the urban area of ​​IbiAs reported by sources from the Emergency Information and Coordination Center (CICU) and they have since verified this paper. local police. The incident occurred around 17:00. Provincial StreetAccessed from the town center from the south, the A-7 motorway and industrial sites. Youth was the only victim According to police sources, no other vehicle was involved in the incident.

looks young left the road and fell off the motorcycle and finished crash into one of the trees It is on both sides of the street, at number 15 of the road, heading towards the city center. As a result, he suffered multiple trauma and was treated in an advanced life support ambulance and then Admitted to Virgen de los Lirios Hospital Alcoy, according to the CICU. The Local Police, which also participates in aid and traffic control efforts, broken femur, tibia and fibula one of your legs.

It so happens that third day in a row Although an incident with victims was recorded in Foia de Castalla, although they took place in different places and contexts. On Sunday, three people were injured in an accident involving four vehicles on the A-7 near Ibi, as this newspaper previously reported, according to CICU sources on Monday. Another collision between a car and a minivan on the CV-806 roadconnecting toy town Castalla, during this last municipal term. He was injured with multiple bruises in this incident. 43 year old manHe was also taken to Alcoy hospital by advanced life support ambulance.

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