In Malaga, a pedophile was arrested by Fortnite for possessing a video of 2,000 minors he had contacted

This Civil Guard arrested a pedophile who came into contact with With children under 12 years old through online video games such as Fortnite or Call of DutyAfter abusing his superiority and establishing a so-called friendship, he encouraged them to video call and asked them to show it to themselves. genitalsSources close to the investigation informed Efe.

The Central Operations Unit of the Civil Guard (UCO), the Italian national detainee, Received over 2,000 files child pornography and abused by at least 26 resident minors through these methods in different parts of Spanish geography.

Fortnite, Call of Duty or World of Warcraft These were some of the video games in which the so-called pedophile always communicated with his victims, with whom he had a long-standing friendship, through abuse and deception, until he persuaded them to make sexual video calls in exchange for gifts. .

Since his arrest last November, The Civil Guard identified 26 victims aged 8 to 12, however, it has not been ruled out that new ones will be detected in the coming months.

An investigative court in Getafe (Madrid) charged those arrested. 26 sexual abuse offenses and recruitment for the production of child pornography.

Complaint in Malaga

operation called fontainlast July, his parents A 9 year old boy from Malaga They disclosed that their son had suspicions about their connection with an adult through an “online” video game.

This UCO He confirmed the existence of a relationship between the minor and the person being investigated, began searching the rest of the country for other possible victims, and gave the operation absolute priority.

During investigations, it was confirmed by Civil Guard analysts that the alleged pedophile had access to multiple locations. To video games where he had contacted minors 3,000 times in two years.

More than 2000 child pornography files

analyzed confirmed accumulation of computer material seized from detainee, 2,000+ child pornography files on both mobile and cloud.

In addition, he was found to have. 81 payments to user accounts Video games belonging to minors that correspond to gifts that he encourages to make video calls that he obtained pedophilia files.

Parents of minors foundSo far, victims have been surprised to identify their children in photographs the civil bodyguards showed them. because some claimed that minors do not play the console without supervision.

Pederass profile

As sources close to the investigation pointed out to Efe, the so-called Italian pedophile He was already indicted in 2005 for certain facts about sexual abuse, but only one victim was identified.

Now the detainee has been deported to Italy and returned to Spain years laterallegedly started committing these crimes months ago against the sexual freedom of minors.

this guy too offered himself as a sports trainer, camp trainer and English teacher, andAside from other minor-related activities, it was not possible at the time of the investigation to confirm his employment for any of these services.

However, agents are aware of a case of physical sexual abuse by a minorAccording to the seized material, the person named met and cheated on a nudist beach frequented by the prisoner.

Source: Informacion


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