The media claims that the Chinese military is developing neuroweapons to influence the leaders of the countries 21:50

Oppression Washington Times Citing a report by three analysts, he claims that the People’s Liberation Army of China has developed high-tech weapons designed to disrupt brain function and influence government leaders or the entire population.

“The weapon can be used for direct attack or mind control using microwaves or other directed energy weapons in handguns or larger weapons that fire electromagnetic beams,” the publication says.

The publication stresses that the danger of “brain warfare” by Chinese weapons before or during the conflict is “no longer theoretical.”

Prior to that, it was known that Chinese President Xi Jinping. warned Russian President Vladimir Putin from the use of nuclear weapons during hostilities in Ukraine.

Putin and Xi discussed the issue during the Chinese leader’s visit to Moscow in March 2023. As media sources indicate, the head of China is concerned about the Ukrainian conflict, despite Moscow’s support in the economy and trade.

As previously reported, the US To send A nuclear-armed submarine to South Korea.

Source: Gazeta


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