In ‘First Dates’, a divorced woman gives her lover a powerful warning: “I want to live!”

presentation juan As soon as she arrived on the show, she couldn’t have been more encouraging: “My friends told me ‘black widow‘”. The reason for this intriguing nickname is, after he buried his two wives So far, according to the restaurant itself, Carlos Sabera as soon as you enter the restaurant.

The program introduced him. snowfallThe person Juan didn’t hesitate to share this dark anecdote he shot. Already sitting at the table, the “black widow” wanted to know about her lover’s emotional background: “I spent 30 years with my daughters’ father, but the love is over. Now we have to find someone else” with a certain tone of humor.

The bachelor, after learning about Nieves’ love life, decided to tell her about his life. tragic experiences Lovingly: “I was with my wife for 36 years, what happened, the poor thing died. Then I had an affair for, like, two years and the poor thing died. You’ll call me ‘nigger. widow’!”.

“Two people have already died next to you and I’mi am third‘So it put me back a bit because I wanted to live,’ he said. “Nieves was close.

Although I know of two deaths, Nieves decided to play the game and have a second date with Juan.. Instead, the widow saw that the main barrier to maintaining a good relationship was distance. Also, the presence of her two daughters would mean an important bond to unleash their love and be able to live together. In his final decision, Juan decided not to spend a second evening with Nieves.

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