SpaceX to launch record-breaking private satellite on Falcon Heavy rocket

SpaceX will launch the world’s heaviest private satellite with a Falcon Heavy rocket. About informs Teslarati.

The Jupiter-3 communications satellite will be produced by Maxar Technologies at the behest of operator EchoStar. Its throughput will reach 500 gigabits per second after being placed in stationary orbit, with coverage of North America, including Mexico.

Initially, the satellite was supposed to launch in the fourth quarter of 2022, but due to delays from the manufacturer, the deadline was shifted to early 2023. Also, the mass of the device increased from 5.8 tons to 9.2. Thus, SpaceX will break the previous record for private satellites set in 2018 with the launch of the 7-tonne Telstar 19V.

Additionally, launching such a heavy satellite would require a Falcon Heavy, not a Falcon 9 as previously planned. In a fully refundable version, this rocket can deliver 30 tons to low earth orbit, but much less to geo-orbit. It is not yet clear which version of the missile will be used.

ex-cosmonaut Krikalev said about the lunar “shelters” for protection from radiation.

Source: Gazeta


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