Local Police prevent forced marriage of a woman in Valencia

agents regional police related to Valencia blocked a woman forced into marriage by her family with a man she never knew and helped her to leave the city and go to another place where she was safe.

According to the police, the victim He fled from his relatives, taking refuge in an establishment in the capital.. When the agents went to the facility, the woman revealed that she had been in pain for months. bad treatments He said that his relatives even took his cell phone to prevent him from seeing anyone after that. refused to marry With someone I’ve never met. Also, the victim had a stable relationship with another person.

The woman also told police that she did not want to return home and bought a dated bus ticket the same day, so she feared that the victim’s family was inside. bus stop To prevent the woman from escaping, local Police patrols, together with the people in charge of the station, arranged a device so that the woman could catch the bus. A representative of the GAMA group (The Abuse Attention Group) always accompanied them, and although their relatives were at the police station, they managed to get the victim out without being seen by anyone. now he is safe in another city where he will complain for the facts.

While the Valencia Local Police identified the woman’s relatives, the security forces of the city she was going to were alerted to her arrival so they could assist her.

on her behalf Citizen Security Councilor, Jesús Carbonell, He congratulated all the policemen who took part in this intervention, which succeeded in protecting women, and urged them to condemn these practices that harm everyone’s human rights and dignity. “We must be particularly careful in such situations. Forced marriages are expressly prohibited in the Criminal Code with prison sentences,” he said.

Source: Informacion


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