Lula and Rosangela da Silva got married in Sao Paulo

Former President of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, 76, the favorite candidate of the October election, married sociologist Rosângela da Silva on Wednesday night., 55, in an intimate ceremony surrounded by secrecy. The wedding, the third of the former president, took place in the city of Sao Paulo in one of the main and most sophisticated areas of events, less than five months before the election, which was expected to be highly polarized among him. and the current monarch, the far-right Jair Bolsonaro. “Love won!” said.

According to local media, around 150 people, including figures from the worlds of politics and the arts, were invited to the celebration and asked to refrain from using their cell phones to protect the privacy of the moment. One of the guests was Geraldo Alckmin, a former governor of Sao Paulo, veteran liberal politician, ardent Catholic, and Lula’s nominee for vice president in the October 2 election. According to the images published on social networks, singer-songwriter Gilberto Gil, Minister of Culture during the Lula government and one of the biggest representatives of Brazilian Popular Music, also attended.

According to EFE’s testimony, some people outside, who drove their vehicles through the door of the building, made statements both for and against the former Brazilian president.

The PT leader, who ruled Brazil from 2003 to 2010, married for the third time. His relationship with Rosangela da Silva, who is 21 years younger than the former president, emerged during Lula’s 580-day period in prison between 2018 and 2019. Bachelor of Sociology from the Federal University of Paraná, ‘Janja’ as it is popularly known has been affiliated with the PT since practically since it was founded in 1980 and now it’s a party her husband has ruled with an iron fist.

Hours before the wedding, he wrote on his Twitter profile, “No one is happier than me and you. Today is the day to celebrate our love. May the wind protect us and keep all evil away from us!!” said. ‘Janja’ is quite active on social networks and shares her unconditional love for the former mechanical turner with whom she usually accompanies almost all her public acts. The sociologist has already given Lula her first wedding present when, on May 7, at the launch ceremony of the former president’s candidacy, she presented Lula with a reprint of the famous 1989 campaign jingle that went down in history as ‘Lula’ in the history of the Brazilian left. la’.

Lula is the top favorite for the October presidential election, according to all intent-to-vote polls. They give you about 45% of the boosts compared to the 30% you get But Bolsonaro closed the gap.

Before ‘Janja’, the former progressive monarch shared his life first with María de Lourdes and then with Marisa Leticia Rocco, who both died during their marriage. He was married to María de Lourdes, who died two years later in 1969, and to Marisa Leticia Rocco in 1974, after whom he was married for 43 years, until he died of a stroke in 2017.

Source: Informacion


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