The driver of the Tula minibus rudely kicked the passenger out because of the trolley bag 23:02

In Tula, the taxi driver decided to drop a passenger because of a wheeled bag. The video of the incident appeared group “Tula Tin” on VKontakte.

The incident occurred in a minibus traveling on the city route number 30.

According to eyewitnesses, the minibus driver did not like the fact that one of the women was traveling with a wheelchair in his vehicle. She told him she had to leave the cabin and then, judging by the footage, she decided to aggressively help the passenger.

As the man grabs his belongings from him and lays them down, the owner of the bag notifies the carrier of his intention to save his data.

In the background are the comments of eyewitnesses, who are obviously very surprised by this behavior of the driver. It is unknown at this time whether he will face any responsibility for this.

Former taxi driver quarreled with passengers because of their weight.

Source: Gazeta


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