The US Department of Defense spoke about the supply of F-16s to Ukraine22:47

The US Department of Defense spoke about the supply of F-16s to Ukraine22:47

US Joint Headquarters Director of Operations Douglas Sims said it would be untimely to supply American F-16 light fighters to Kiev now. Transmits words DEA News.

“Conditions may not be ideal for deploying F-16s,” a US defense official said.

According to Sims, this is due to the vast capabilities of the Russian Federation in the field of air defense.

Prior to that, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergey Lavrov judicial It is possible to transfer F-16 warplanes to Ukraine with the nuclear threat of the Russian Federation. According to him, even if the F-16 warplanes delivered to Kiev are not equipped to deliver nuclear missiles, “our army will not be interested” in those fitted to each plane.

By contrast, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan declarationIt is likely that Ukraine will receive F-16 warplanes from European countries whose armed forces have these warplanes.

before in Russia created new drone suppression system.

Source: Gazeta


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