Armed Forces of Ukraine bombing the village of Vyazovoe in the Belgorod region 17:36

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) shells the village of Vyazovoe in the Krasnoyaruzhsky district of the Belgorod region. Transmitted by Life with reference to the Telegram channel. Shot.

“At the moment, the Armed Forces of Ukraine is carrying out a massive bombardment of the village of Vyazovoe, Belgorod region, Krasnoyarzhsky district. According to our data, residents report a large number of arrivals,” the message says.

It was noted that there is no information about the destruction and victims at the moment.

Before that, APU was shot on The village of Elizarovka in the Glushkovsky district of the Kursk region. As a result of the bombardment, the windows of two houses were broken and a fire broke out in one house. The facades were also damaged. Also, a gas pipe was broken after the bombardment.

There were no casualties as a result of the bombardment.

Brigadier General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Commander of the Tavria Operational-Strategic Forces Group Alexander Tarnavsky aforementionedThat Kiev has received cluster munitions from the United States, but has not yet used them.

Formerly in the Armed Forces in the open Source of information on the departures of Russian strategic aviation.

Source: Gazeta


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