Two bags and suitcase thieves surprise at Alicante-Elche airport

agents National Police attached Alicante-Elche airport border post Miguel Hernandez they practiced 108 arrests While arrests predominate for falsification of identity documents and allegations from both national and international courts and the police, so far this year for different crimes. They also made 56 interventions for other facts that are not detained and registered 754 complaints at the airport police station.

Among the recent arrests are two Arab men, aged 43 and 53. carelessly stealing bags and suitcases from tourists at airport facilities. These two thieves were thwarted by the police vehicle while trying to leave the airport in a rental car. The occupants abandoned the vehicle and fled in opposite directions, but were arrested and found several backpacks in the car containing cash and other valuables that had just been stolen from tourists who were still at the airport.

Police control at Alicante-Elche airport.

The National Police has cleared nine of the twenty thefts reported at the airport, and ongoing services are in place to prevent these crimes. uniformed and plainclothes police patrols, both inside the premises, in parking areas or while waiting for transportation. In this way, the experienced officers assigned to the border station protect the passengers and ensure their safety, preventing their journey from being shadowed as a victim of crime. Some victims of the two recently arrested thieves sent a letter to Aena to show the agents their most sincere gratitude for the effectiveness shown in the intervention.


On the other hand, the Provincial Police Department confirmed that the airport staff has been strengthened to ensure the safety of users, given the increase in the number of tourists in the summer season.

Among the most common offenses officers face at the airport are: documentary lies and forensic or police allegations. As such, the agents stationed there have specific knowledge in detecting fake documents, as there are many cases where a passenger tries to leave or enter the country using a forged document such as a passport or ID card. In this way, a total of 27 people have been arrested for falsification of documents so far this year.

As for those arrested for having currents search and detention request issued by the court53 people have been identified and arrested this year by a national or international police unit or from anywhere in the country, most of whom have pending national judicial proceedings.High efficiency in passenger and user control From the airport run by the National Police.

It is of vital importance to those claimed by other countries. international cooperation Between the National Police and the liaison office responsible for communication on extradition matters between the justice system of European countries and the Spanish justice system, called the SIRENE Office (Request for Supplementary Information at the National Entry).

Thanks to this cooperation, agents at the border post are frequently alerted to the presence of fugitives on a flight to Alicante, allowing them to be detained after landing at Alicante airport.

Source: Informacion


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