TWO RAS: Venera-D station will make another revolution around the Sun

During the Venera-D mission, which will go to Venus after 2029, Russian scientists plan to use a gravitational maneuver that significantly expands the possible landing site. In this respect interview “” said IKI RAS Lyudmila Zasova, head of the spectroscopy laboratory of planetary atmospheres.

“The proposed gravity maneuver for the Venera-D project is aimed at expanding the possible landing zone of the apparatus. Such a maneuver around Venus would alter the station’s flight path and move into a synchronous orbit around the Sun in resonance with Venus, thus flying to Venus for the second time in 224 days, in a Venusian fashion. year. Actually, we’re making one more trip around the Sun.
This maneuver was never used, Soviet vehicles mainly landed in the equatorial region without gravity maneuvers, ”explained Zasova.

According to him, the maneuver will provide the planet with the opportunity to expand the possible landing site. “We will have access to almost all of Venus, except for a small area. At the same time, we have the opportunity to land in the selected area with greater accuracy,” added Zasova. Currently, the gravity maneuvered flight option is being considered as a priority.

In 2029, Roskosmos plans to send the Venera-D automatic station to Venus. It will consist of an orbiter and a lander for a comprehensive study of Venus’ atmosphere.

Source: Gazeta


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