We’re in the middle of summer and high temperatures bring hate vermin it’s secretly our homes on summer nights. But there are many ways get rid of mosquitoes and fliesfrom chemicals to natural remedies.

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To be able to enjoy our terraces and ventilate the house without being invaded. mosquitoes It can be a problem in some areas. tiger mosquitoes And other insects. However, a herb which could it be to be saved mosquitoes and they are annoying bitesthus avoiding infections and diseases transmitted to both humans and pets.

Most recommended in areas of pain pests tiger mosquito And flies is to place a barrier on the windows, in this case, mosquito nets. But often this is not enough, as some insects still manage to sneak in.

This is why many people use different repellents and pesticides, but these have very strong odors and can be dangerous for our children, dogs or cats (in this article). List of tricks to protect your pets from insects).

Therefore, it is important to know some Home remedies that can help us scare away mosquitoes and flies.

You may be familiar with this herb and may have used it as a spice once. However, you probably do not know that it is an excellent mosquito repellent. we are talking about basil.

This basil (Ocimum basilicum) this is a ideal mosquito repellent, estragol, citronellol, limonene and trans-nerolidol, as it contains four volatile compounds Stunning the senses of these insects and away from the plant. So get one A pot of fresh basil next to our windows, balconies and terraces will help us repel mosquitoes.

In addition, stroking the leaves of the plant from time to time causes these gases to be expelled and only will repel mosquitoesbut with its pleasant smell, it spreads fragrant scents to your home.

But basil It’s not the only herb that can help you. fight flies and mosquitoes in your home In the article below you will find other shrubs and vegetables that behave as follows. natural repellents against mosquitoes: Here are five must-have plants in your home to repel mosquitoes.

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