Songs for Ewan’s Day, a festival of pure magic in Salinas

Salinas is gearing up for one of the most anticipated events of the summer in the Aviles region. Next 11 and 12 AugustAgüil forest, an area where a very special union between nature and music is realized with evocative lighting, will host a new edition. Songs for an Ewan Day. This festival is characterized by the personal commitment of its creators to support emerging talent by paying attention to even the smallest detail and offering a completely free entertainment offer that differs from the usual festivals.

Bands like singer-songwriter “Smile” Noan, Maximiliano Calvo, Ramón Mirabet and Julia Narr For this edition of Ewan supported by the program will be some of the protagonists. NEW SPAIN and Iberian Presseditor of this newspaper. will be with them “La La I Love You”Punk-pop band from Parla with irresistible choruses with fresh, direct and upbeat lyrics, with an impeccable production of Roberto Amor (vocals and guitar), David Merino (vocals and guitar), Lydia Carré (vocals and bass). and Oscar Hoyos (drums). Last March, Lydia Carré replaced Celia Becks in chorus and bass after she left the band, and she will be on Songs for an Ewan Day in Salinas this coming August. “We keep the essence of a boutique festival, such as those who choose between a generic five-star hotel for the holidays or a quieter rural hotel”, Highlights Juan Luis Suárezthis quote is ‘the school he graduated from’.

The festival’s commitment to highlight emerging talent will also mingle with consolidated bands and artists, as announced a few days ago. daconte baby. Blending classical pop and rock, his music expresses concerns such as love, loneliness and the pursuit of ideals with simple and delicate melodies and sincere lyrics. Nena Daconte has its origins in the Spanish duo of the same name, formed in 2005 by Madrid singer-songwriter Mai Meneses (“Operación Triunfo” 2 contestants) and Barcelona musician Kim Fanlo. In the summer of 2010, Mai Meneses left the band and kept the band’s name for a solo career. His presence on Songs for an Ewan Day in Salinas, Paula Koops or Alex Wall. The wide range of artists is complemented by events such as: outdoor yoga with Betty Ewan or paddle boarding with professional athlete Alazne Aurrekoetxea. And for another year, Mahou Cinco Estrellas had the support of music platform Vibra Mahou, which organized meetings around live performances and once again made its commitment to Asturias and music clear.

The organization, which offers the opportunity to combine music, sports and gastronomy in the same environment with a magical view for first-time visitors, emphasizes “This event is one of the most beautiful and special events in Europe”. It actually explains Juan Luis SuarezIn addition to that busy weekend in the town of Castrillón, not few come back year-round with family and friends, falling in love with the good atmosphere and the experiences experienced at Songs for an Ewan Day. “Both artists and the public,” says Suárez.

And if they can boast of being a festival already in previous editions environmentalOn this occasion, it goes one step further and Repsol will launch a series of actions around energy production and use to achieve an emission-free plant. Thus, along the way to the concert venue, hundreds of small lights will lead the participants through the forest to a wonderful natural amphitheater that serves as a stage. When it’s time to regain strength, the participants food truck area with suggestions for all tastes: from Mexican to Asian, traditional, sweet or savory, gluten-free, vegan… Endless flavors where you can enjoy all the melodies.

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