Alicante workers begin to regain purchasing power after inflation eases

Good news For the pocket of Alicante workers. The restriction that prices have experienced in recent months was last June for the first time since February 2021. Salary increase agreed in the state will exceed inflation data. So salaries start to regain purchasing power almost later two and a half years of continuous lossit caused bottlenecks primarily due to the increase in raw material and material costs. Pandemicand later by Ukrainian war.

Of course, an improvement that is still very timid and does not in any way make up for all the ground currently lost due to salaries. Specifically, according to calculations published this Wednesday by the INE, Inflation figure in the province fell to 2.1% in June on an annual basis, up from 3.3% in May. Despite being two-tenths more than the national figure, which fell to 1.9%, it represents a remarkable improvement, especially when compared to the 10.4% increase in prices in the same month last year.

But above all, the most important thing is that the data remains below the expected. average salary increase In the collective agreements of the province, an agreement has been reached between unions and employers so far this year. stops at 2.95%, according to the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy. So 0.85 points more. We will now see if this trend will continue for the rest of the year.

In terms of salaries, the figure should continue to rise following the national agreement between CC OO, UGT and CEOE employers. 4% increase in 2023, 3% increase in 2024 and 2025, plus an additional 1% if inflation exceeds these levels. The problem is that it is not mandatory and with falling inflation, companies and sectoral employers are likely to be reluctant. In any case, the ground to be saved is worth considering, because if Added 2021 and 2022 datawhile wages increased by an average of 4.7%, inflation increased by 12%.

Vila Joiosa market. david revenge

Time will also tell if prices will maintain their current moderation, largely backed by the US. drop in fuel prices Compared to last year’s situation, which also pulled down electricity. Thus, in Alicante, this entire item became cheaper by up to 32% compared to its level in June 2022.

most expensive food

On the other hand, food prices continue to be a nuisance, keeping the rate of increase above double digits, albeit slightly less than a few months ago. so in june Shopping cart in Alicante was 10.4% more expensivean increase of one-tenth more than a year earlier than recorded at the national level.

HE sugar It continues to be the most inflationary product with an increase of 41% in the last year. milkbecome 19% more expensive or potatoes, with 18.6%. For him, meat pig 15.8% more expensive and even mineral water It is recording a 10.6% recovery. It just reduces the price of fresh fruit by 5.1%.

A situation that puts the government in trouble extending the VAT deduction Although the demand of consumer organizations to ease the economy of families in basic products was not heeded, the measure was expanded to cover a larger number of products.

While food is the most worrying thing, food isn’t the only thing that continues to trigger. This tourist packages prices recovered by about 24%, Hotels 10.6% more expensive and cars They cost 7.6% more. HE entertainment and culture They are also experiencing this price increase, in this case a 6% increase over the mid-2022 figures.

Industry agreements, more generous

The salary increase agreed in a contract in the province is higher in sectoral level contracts than those signed in individual companies. Thus, the 48 company contracts approved in Alicante up to June represent an average increase of 2.79% compared to the 2.96% reached by the 26 sectoral contracts. The overall average increase of 2.95% falls short of the national increase of 3.26%.

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