New risk factor found for brain shrinkage in the elderly 07/12/2023, 23:00

Scientists from Kyushu University in Fukuoka found that older people with little social contact have a smaller brain size than people with more frequent social contact. Previously, such brain changes have been associated with an increased risk of dementia. Research published in the journal neurology.

The study included 8,896 people with a mean age of 73 and without dementia. They went through a brain MRI as well as medical exams. To determine the number of social contacts, they were asked a question: “How often do you communicate with relatives or friends who do not live with you – for example, meet or talk on the phone?”.

People with the least social contact had significantly lower total brain volume than people with the most social contact. The researchers also took into account other factors that could affect brain volume, such as age, diabetes, smoking and physical activity.

The scientists noted that forming and maintaining social bonds can be beneficial in preventing brain atrophy and the development of dementia.

Because only elderly Japanese were included in the study, the results cannot be generalized to people of other nationalities and ages. Also, the study doesn’t prove that social isolation causes brain shrinkage, it just shows a correlation.

ancient scientists to create way to detect early signs of dementia in the eyes.

Source: Gazeta


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