Entrust Artificial Intelligence to develop the shoe business

This Artificial intelligence State-of-the-art technology, which will be key in different industries such as footwear, is increasingly taking place in society. In collaboration with the Valencian Footwear Entrepreneurs Association (Avecal), key and Industry General Directorate Ministry of Sustainable Economy It held its 3rd issue this Wednesday. calzaticAn event organized face-to-face and online to discover the latest technologies applied to shoes and learn the vision of companies in the sector through success stories.

Chief Executive Officer of Avecal, Marian Canoereminded me of shoe companies”we must not let our guard downAlright consumption rate is slowing down and fashion is always the one that has the most impact. For this reason, due to the great potential of our industry, we must continue to work with our own products, with the tools available on the market. digital transformation It is a must, and the application of technologies such as artificial intelligence will be key in the near future.”

Then the presentations and debate tables started, the first of which was “Using Artificial Intelligence in Fashion Shoes and Not Dying While Trying”. Maria Jose Peral, CEO of the Artificial Intelligence Institute. Peral underlined that it is aimed to implement artificial intelligence in the shoe industry. improve innovation in designs; the automation manufacturing tasks; the optimization logistics processes; creating personalized customer experiences and trend analysis.

AI is nothing more than software, but much more complex. It’s a new challenge that companies have to face in an ever-changing paradigm in which they already exist. More than 30% of the market buys shoes online. Artificial intelligence is a challenge but also an opportunity to improve almost all areas of our company with good strategy, because we will improve processes, better control quality, have better data on sales behavior or demand, etc. commented

One of the round tables of the event. Information

Discussion table “AI applied to shoe sales, pros and cons” moderated salvador gomez with speakers Michelangelo Lucas, CEO of Popa Shoes; Maria José Peral, CEO of the Artificial Intelligence Institute; Eleuterio BelmonteCommercial Director, Expansion and Development of Lodi and Raul Hussein, director of the ITI Advanced Data Analysis Services department. He emphasized how AI enabled it. quick response to the user, events and how data analysis can bring many improvements.

However, one of the reasons why this technology is not immediately implemented, especially in small or medium-sized companies, is high investment initially requires it. But all speakers agree that this can bring many improvements in the long run.

The last presentation was “Technology and automation in shoe production”. Julia Perez of Tudela And Fernando Baun, ‘lean promoters’ in Pikokaizen. They have always addressed how challenging business environments can turn into success stories thanks to technology in a customer-oriented manner. Additionally, they explained how it was done. kaizen method was successful in the company picolinos.

Another speaker of Calzatic. Information

The second table dealt with the topic “Shoe Production and Technology. Challenges and Opportunities” in which they participated. Jose Luis CostaIndustry 4.0 consultant as moderator at Clavei; Vincent M. Pastorexecutive director at SW Creations; Javier OnateCTCR – director of the La Rioja Shoe Technology Center; Adrian HernandezFounder and managing director of Simplicity Works, and Eduardo CalabuigDeputy Manager of Inescop Advanced Manufacturing.

Improvement of production processes thanks to Artificial Intelligence is a proven fact, companies in the Valencian Community have improved their production thanks to the application of this technology.

they closed the day Salvador NavarroCEV chairman and rosana peranPresident of FICE, who values ​​the footwear industry in the region and its need to adapt to new technologies to continue to grow and maintain its leadership.

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