Roskosmos stopped sled production

Production of children’s sleds, previously produced by Samara rocket and space center Progress, has been discontinued. In this respect Interview with said Dmitry Baranov, Director General of RCC Progress.

“As for the children’s sled, the production of this product has been discontinued. For quite some time we sold these products only from the warehouse,” Baranov explained.

A few years ago, Progress RCC, in addition to rockets and satellites, produced a wide variety of consumer goods – medical disposable syringes, waterboats, motorboats, children’s sleds, bagel molding machines and aviation equipment.

Among the civilian goods currently presented on the company’s website are one boat and five types of boats. At the same time, photos of the green and blue sleds continue to be displayed in the Multimedia section.

After the introduction of US and EU sanctions against Russian space enterprises, the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin promised to concentrate the resources released due to the restriction of cooperation on the creation of bilateral and military systems. Among those sanctioned was Samara RCC Progress, the manufacturer of Soyuz rockets, which are also used for launch to the ISS.

Source: Gazeta


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