The investigation into BBC presenter Huw Edwards, who was accused of buying sexual photos of a minor, has been closed.

This Metropolitan Police of London closed the investigation Huw Edwardspresenter BBC accused of purchasing sexual photos of a minor and his identity has remained a mystery until now. journalist’s wife vicky flindShe was the one who disclosed shortly after her husband’s name was confirmed. closing the investigation. In a statement released by the Flind, PA news agency, her husband “hospital care“will remain” for the foreseeable future “serious mental health issues“.

Some problems that have dragged on for years and have increased with recent events. “I do this mainly by thinking about you. mental health and for protect our children“explained the presenter’s wife, who confirmed to the newspaper last Thursday that she was aware of the charges the day before”Sunclaimed to have purchased sexual photographs of a minor for three years. total value of 35,000 pounds (more than 41,000 Euros). The BBC has confirmed that it will continue its investigation despite the police’s decision.

familiar face

Edwards, 61, was the anchor of the nightly news until now.BBC On O’Clock News’, the chain’s flagship program in that slot. In his extensive professional career of more than 40 years, he has described historical events such as: Death and funeral of Elizabeth II or the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. His identity was an open secret within the company, and many of his professional colleagues had recently asked who he was. show your face To stop the damage the scandal has done to the British public broadcaster.

Some who worked with him showed their support after his name was made public. among them former BBC news chiefTim Luckhurst, who regrets his involvement in this scandal and emphasizes his dedication and professionalism. “A man extremely generousHe has done a lot in his career helping others at the BBC and has always been willing to work hard“, explained to the chain itself. Other colleagues said that Edwards represents the company’s values ​​and is a business they trust. next return after the internal investigation is complete and health issues are resolved.

five days scandal

The occurrence of this event created an event wave of criticism The BBC’s main executives, including managing director Tim Davie, have recently been accused of misconduct. The chain took one complaint from mother denouncing the server on May 19 despite accusations not studied in depth Until last Thursday. According to the account of the alleged victim’s mother, the sending of sexually explicit photos allowed her to examine herself in depth. crack cocaine addiction. Some of the statements, which were rejected by the lawyer of the young person four days later, described what was published in ‘Güneş’ as follows: “rubbish”. According to the representative of the alleged victim, nothing happened. “illegal” or “inappropriate” between him and the presenter.

The mother’s accusations were added recently those of the other three. One of them reassured that at the age of 20, she met Edwards through a dating app and sent him off. threatening messages after the young man threatened to reveal his identity publicly. Another 23-year-old accused him. break covid rules To visit him at his home, where they met for an hour in 2021. None of these charges have been formally investigated by the police. Negative results The reputation of the BBC and Edwards seems impenetrable for now.

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