came Summer and with it the beach and pool season. However, continuous use and temperature changes can negatively affect our health. swimwear and bikini Favorites. you want to learn homemade tricks to keep them in perfect condition? In this article we will explain to you all The secrets of washing and caring for your swimsuit, so that each season looks like a new season. You don’t want to get rid of them early! Pay attention to these and take notes infallible hints for washing your swimsuits and bikinis.

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How to wash swimsuits and bikinis to last for years?

Before putting on your bikini or swimsuit, soak them in salt water and a little vinegar. This trick helps to fix colors, especially on garments that are printed in different shades. You will prevent colors from fading or blending, ensuring a flawless appearance.

Required after each use wash your swimsuit or bikini with neutral soap to remove salt and chlorine. A simple rinse is not enough. Remember to use plenty of warm water for a thorough rinse.

No, it is not necessary to wash the swimsuit in the washing machine every day.. Once a week is enough as long as you wash it with neutral soap after each use. Use a cotton bag or pillowcase to protect it during washing and choose a program for delicate laundry.

Avoid spraining the swimsuit after washing, as it will lose its shape and elasticity. In its place, place between two dry towels to absorb moisture. If you wish, leave it to dry without straining the water as it is designed to be in constant contact with water.

Bring your swimwear to life with these simple washing and care steps INFORMATION

While it’s common to leave swimsuits to dry in the sun, this can cause them to harden and age prematurely. the ideal one dry them in the shade and inside out to protect prints. Avoid using tweezers that can leave marks on the tissue. Make sure they are completely dry before storing to avoid bad odors, fungi or bacteria.

This is important even if you love your new swimsuit take a break from time to time. It is always recommended to have a spare suit available, especially if it is made of lycra, so that the original suit can be restored at rest times.

The less you wear your swimsuit, the less wear and tear it will experience. If you plan to go to a water park or have long exposure to the sun, avoid wearing your favorite outfit.. Instead, prefer polyester ones as they are more durable than lycra ones.

Swimsuits and bikinis should not be ironed. because the materials are not designed to withstand the direct heat from the iron. Even if it is wrinkled, do not try to straighten it. Remember, it’s a warning you should heed.

To properly protect your swimsuit, Wash in the washing machine using the program for delicate clothes.. Allow to dry in open air, away from direct sunlight, and store in a cloth bag in a box in a low humidity environment. Avoid touching other clothing so it has room to breathe. So it will be perfect for next year!

With these “mom” tricks, you will be able to keep your bikinis and swimsuits in optimum conditions for a long time.. Don’t forget to apply them and spend your beach and pool days worry-free. Your swimsuit will look radiant in any situation!