‘Who killed Sara?’: 55 million people waiting for the answer

with the perplexing question Who killed Sarah?‘, Netflix He premiered a Mexican drama about the murder of a girl in 2021 and how it affected the rich and powerful family. Cesar LazcanoA huge worldwide success, it was the first season of Netflix’s best foreign language premiere in the US. in totale 55 million people from 50 countries They await the answer to come with the third and final installment, which the platform premieres this Wednesday.

Among the Mexican players, including the players manolo Cardona, Carolina Miranda, Claudia Ramírez, Eugenio Siller and Alejandro Nones, a Spanish actor, Gines Garcia MillanIn order to hide the possible authorship of the girl’s death from the hands of her son, she asked the young man she was protecting, the girl’s brother Alex. admit guilt and go to jail for it. He was lost on an island in the last episodes.

After finishing the second season with Discovery was not a masterSara’s friend, who cut the girl’s parachute ropes and violently plunged her into the water, causing her death, is described as the third. the most surprising and explosivestart with the release of Alex (Cardona) from prison, He completed his 18-year sentence in a bid to find out who killed his sister. His thirst for revenge has a target: César and his family. Although not everything is as it seems, and nothing will be so clear.

In this season of fiction created by master actor José Ignacio Valenzuela French Jean Reno, one of the most popular of his generation (Meanwhile, Spanish-speaking ‘Le Grand Bleu’, ‘Les Visiteurs’, ‘Leon’).

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