Last beds in Barcelona during F1: from 300 euros for a hostel to 3,500 for a 5-star

Andrea Y frames Two thirties from Madrid who decided to improvise for a getaway this weekend Barcelona for a celebration, but they say they finally booked a small hotel in Salou. The only reason? Price:% p. They were stunned to learn of the rates reached in the Catalan capital. last rooms Hotels and apartments available for this saturday. Like many travelers, they were unaware that the return of the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix had created such a fire among their followers that all tickets were sold and with them. almost all local accommodation is taken over. Although the most far-sighted will pay more reasonable prices, the scarcity of vacancies in the city has triggered its price: today, Wednesday, Saturday the Booking search engine, offered as the cheapest option to spend the night, is a hostel 387 euro. They paid 588 per night for a one star hotel, they got a few luxury places. almost 3,500 euros.

This big events Popular demand (conferences or sporting events) tends to increase the prices of the last empty seats, not just in Barcelona. But these levels were not remembered in the Catalan capital. since 2017 (record year in influx and bill), according to sources from various organizations. Even the recent mobile fairs or the ISE audio-visual fair did not create such demand.

The industry is experiencing a real surprise accelerated recovery tourism that invites us even to think write in pre-pandemic numbers, as announced a few days ago by Jordi Clos, president of Gremi d’Hotels, on the occasion of the new audio-visual appointment populating the city. However, in the case of this weekend, one of them important events in the world of sportsIt is also coming to Montmeló after its 2021 edition, with only a thousand participants selected by the lottery in 2020 behind closed doors and among subscribers. There are so many desires tickets are sold outsomething that hasn’t been around since 2007, according to the organization’s sources, and will also fill hotels in the area. Maresme with Vallès Oriental and Occidental.

Hoteliers interviewed insist that prices have normalized in recent weeks (after two years of drought), but Peaks like those on 20 and 21 May occur very rarely. Only the last beds of every business reach these exorbitant prices, a tiny percentage. The vast majority will have sold for more than usual, but below these limits. In any case, they oxygenate an activity marked by months of shutdowns. up to that point Today, 8% of the hotels in the city are still not working.

law of supply and demand

reservation, The most used search engine by travelers today warns 97% of its offer in and around Barcelona “no longer available”“For Saturday. It offered only 60 out of hundreds of options. On Friday the situation was already complicated, but on Saturday there were only a few one-star accommodation, while several free hostels were priced at 387 euros. 588 or more than 800, two-star at 639 , a handful of three-star 411 to over 600, four-star from 475 to 1,500 euros per night and five Eixamples from 654 to 3,000 in the high region and 3,500 on the seaside. A large part of this scarce offer was about a thousand euros. because it is their last room, it so happens that currently booking a modest stay can cost more than a room that is super luxurious with a more punctual place.

the situation is repeated tourist apartments. They will be filled from the most affordable to super-luxurious, but Apartur sources confirm this success in the influx without specifying their average price. An operator who arranged everything says it will pay around 700 euros per night for one of the three rooms in the Eixample.

This most famous restaurants and fashionthey rub their hands especially on the beach and in high-end hotels or those with a nightclub offer. Sources from the Costa Este group emphasize that numerous reservations were made for Nuba and Afyon weeks in advance to dine and then continue the party. big businesses (through agencies) to entertain their clients. The same thing happens in Carpe Diem, which also hosts the Grand Prix farewell party on Sunday evening and is popular with its tables. It’s crazy to make a reservation for dinner at the Theater in Velíssima in Amar…

Street your set There will be another beneficiary. Gatsby and his new and glamorous Japanese will hang the whole house at Jay’s, they will move forward. This night entertainment He will receive the ribbon shortly. Sources from Sutton point out that what is distinctive is the type of reserve where many specialty wines and bottles are found. will double the average cost. History repeats itself in Bling Bling and others. For groups, 10,000 Euros will be paid locally for the most exclusive bottles.

Source: Informacion


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